Welcome to The Sound of Golden Light,

here the vision is held for a conscious use of sound and music, following the call for an ethical approach to Art as a contribution to our re-connection with Nature; promoting an ecology of sound and music where Kindness and Mindfulness are the keys to a deeper connection with ourselves and each other.

The Sound of Golden Light is a project of devotion. Devotion to Art as a spiritual discipline, pursued mainly through music.

My life commitment is to be faithful to the treasures I have found in music; to maintain integrity as I keep searching for higher inspiration, as I refine my capacity to listen deeply.

My name is Simone Vitale and I am a visionary Music Maker and Sound Healer. Here you find information about my mindful work in this field.

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My article on the Music of the Plants featured on Nexus Magazine April 2017!

My article on 432 Hz featured on Nexus Magazine October 2016!

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