Healing Voice Workshop testimonials:

“Thank you for spending your time to teach us in this wonderful and sensitive way. It was perfect for me – now I understand that I am not really crazy in my head when I hear the sounds behind the sounds.”
– Ruth, Germany
“Thank you very much!! I have the impression that I discovered a completely different perspective of the world… I feel that a whole process has just started…”
– Josée, France
“A beautiful journey deep inside the body and the soul, connecting with the source of everything, the source of Creation in a deep level of meditation and consciousness. Thanks for the wisdom derived by experiencing the Absolute and for having taken out the keys for a deeper and deeper knowledge and experience of the Absolute. Thank you so much, I’ll make treasure of all those teachings.”
– Anjana, Italy
”This workshop has opened me a universe of sound… It was very concentrated and effective, especially on the body. The consciousness of the diaphragm is new for me and essential… So I will stay with sounds and practice and be closer to the Self.”
– Bruno, Switzerland
“… ho già seguito maestri e corsi al riguardo, ma per la prima volta il messaggio mi è entrato dentro. Grazie per la devozione in ciò che fai e per la consapevolezza che davvero trasmetti…”
– Nadeshwari, Italy
“La profondità, la ricchezza, l’armonia… con una chiara direzione. Lentamente, passo dopo passo, ci hai accompagnati verso l’origine del suono. Mi è rimasta la sensazione di essere ancora nell’onda… fuori dal mondo”
– Elda, Italy
“E’ stata una bellissima esperienza. Ho imparato molto, sento che potrò usare meglio la mia voce e migliorare nel canto. La percezione di ogni suono inteso come vibrazione mi ha fatto capire molte cose… Sono riuscita a meditare in modo profondo, percependo colori, avendo sensazioni di Amore.. Grazie.”
– Sridevi, Italy

Vocal Yoga Classes:

“Vocal Yoga war für mich eine wunderbare Zusammenführung von Yoga und Atemarbeit, die mir als Sängerin auch in meinen täglichem Übungen sehr zugute gekommen ist. Vielen Dank Simone für deine geduldigen und einfühlsamen Erklärungen! Vocal Yoga ist eine wunderbare Körper – und Bewußtseinsarbeit!”

– Julia, Berlin


“More than for the “vocal” I came for the “yoga” and soon I loved the quiet and concentrated work, as time became slower. What an experience of yet unknown inner landscapes! Sometimes challenging, sometimes giggling. Simone teaches from the heart, patient and empathetic. You feel that he truly lives what he teaches.”

– Padma, Berlin

Comments on my music

From Youtube:

“Ooh this is magical. This is seriously the only channel that contains content strong enough to shut off my anxiety. My mind goes calm and quiet. It’s such a relief.”



”I just mediated to this, and I must say I felt a warm love that I have never felt. Goosebumps all over heart pounding, flashes of lights. Thank you, I feel I have passed a wall. Will be listening to this for a while. Love & Light to you and all your loved ones.”
“Thank you Music Angel!!” 
“Gorgeous rainbows of sound, you have made. Thank you for your gifts.”
“I have chronic migraines and playing this video at a low volume is about the only thing that doesn’t make my head feel like its going to explode, thank u plant music”
“Je suis plus calme avec cette musique, MERCI.”
“Thank you for healing my military family with your videos. Your channel is the best and a blessing from heaven”
“Wow! This is fantastic. I’ve made it my favorite and plan to listen to it often during meditation. My field energy increases at the sounds.Thank you so much for this beautiful recording.”
“….Music to open my heart that has closed after choosing to live in a world that had to go mad…but after listening some more I just felt my heart opening and that was all that mattered. Thank you”
“Wow… awesome… gives me tingles lol”
“Tremendously beautiful… life changing music :o”
“Was looking for a beautiful 432 [Hz music] to fall asleep to 1 night & almost gave up right as I found this (Sounds from the Soil)… Now I listen to it at least twice a day! Lovely :)!”
“…What an incredible gift this is & YOU are, to All of US! Your (continued) work and Energy into this area/field is beneficial & welcomed…”
“Namasté, excellent, wonderful, thank you, God is in you..”
“…with your help a portion of earth beings will advance to being crystalline-like beings, instead of carbon based, this helps us to raise our vibration”


“I love listening to your music. I cannot stop replaying your songs again and again, such serenity and purity.It actually makes me believe in magic again… I can feel it stirring inside the depths of my soul while listening, reflecting back to me a calm peacefulness within that is unmatched by any other in existence. Your music says it all perfectly, being absolutely still and present, alert and aware of the beauty within us and opening our eyes to the beauty of everything around us. Please never stop making your music, and always believe in yourself. :) Namaste”
– Arvind BS
“Simone, I read once that “Sound is the most powerful healing technology on earth”. This makes sense to me since everything is energy and energy vibrates. You have a talent of being able to masterfully weave tones and use vibrations to bring about relaxing music that causes listeners to “FEEL GOOD”. Listening to your music is like a spiritual journey to a sacred and peaceful place. Thank you for allowing your music to be available and I am confident that when people are “ready” to understand sound, they will find it, and you. Both you and your music are a gift. Thank you, and I wish you the blessings of love & light in all of your work.”
– Fran-USA