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My approach to vocal training is a unique blend of Eastern and Western wisdom and traditions. Whether you work with your voice, for example as a singer, actor, teacher and you are interested in enriching your knowledge with some deep and focused bodywork or whether you practice yoga, meditation or some alternative healing art or you are simply someone who would like to explore the power of your own voice as a healing tool for yourself and others, this place is for you.

Here you will find an outline of the two complementary bodies of work I offer to train the voice to perform at its best both as a means of expression and communication and as a Sound Healing tool.

Depending on the specific needs of the individuals or groups I work with I focus on different exercises and practices that aim at slightly different outcomes.

The tools of the “Vocal Yoga VY®” technique, which I have learned in Auroville, India, allow my students to understand and engage various areas of the body and their supportive role for the voice.

The many-faceted work that I frame as “Healing Voice” consists in a variety of toning practices and sound meditations that reveal the amazingly empowering quality of the consciously directed voice.

These two aspects always blend in different proportions in my classes and workshops and here follows a description of both.


Main aspects:

Vocal Yoga VY® is a complete technique designed to acquire full mastery of one’s own voice.

The voice is the most intimate and direct expression of our true self, and the balance and health of a personality are reflected in the sound of its voice. This “vocal instrument”, like any other musical instrument, needs proper care, tuning and mastery. When the entire body is actively involved in the production of sound, the level of presence, self-confidence and clarity is highly increased.

In this unique method, the eastern yogic approach to inner perception and conscious alignment is merged with the precious heritage of the Italian Bel Canto technique.

Bel Canto (literally “beautiful singing”) is a very old technique developed by the Italian Masters throughout over 3 centuries of observation of the mind, body and voice.

Everyone can benefit from the heritage of Bel Canto, even though it was originally conceived for singers, actors and orators.

In fact, Vocal Yoga VY® is suitable for anyone who is interested in understanding how the voice works and in gaining insight into how the whole body is involved in producing sounds.

Vocal Yoga VY® includes specific exercises such as:

  • thoracic diaphragm development

  • complete exhalation through the pelvic diaphragm

  • stretching of the vocal cords

  • strengthening of the “lower body foundation”

so as to rediscover one’s own individual vocal personality and colour.

Physical and mental habits such as a weak and collapsing upper diaphragm, speaking quickly or continuously displacing the vocal cords higher in the throat, can affect our sound identity and consequently our psychological and physical balance.

A regular practice of Vocal Yoga VY® can have remarkable effects such as:

  • stability in the voice with relative improvement of expression and self confidence

  • an expanded awareness of one’s own posture and alignment

  • an increased oxygenation of the body

  • consciousness of one’s own space and boundaries (by working on the upper diaphragm/solar plexus)

  • clarity of mind

  • release of stress and tension

“Conscious inner preparation before speaking important thoughts will always give more presence to your words, can help you to not to speak rashly and can enrich your quality of life.”

Therapeutic possibilities:

Vocal Yoga VY® can also have therapeutic effects because it works deeply into areas of the body that are connected to the psychological and emotional aspects of our selves.

From online surveys, 6 out of 10 individuals say they are not comfortable with the way they sound. This personal insecurity affects each individual. When they can learn how to engage the coordinating organs and muscles in full consciousness to hold sound, therapeutically they feel physical & psychological relief. For instance the diaphragm development exercises can strengthen the breathing for those who have difficulty and help them to know they can draw in the air without panic; for those with tired, irritated or painful vocal cords (not functionally damaged) Vocal Yoga VY® can bring remarkable relief.



The voice is our primal instrument, the most intimate. Through the sound of our voices it is possible to interact with the vibrational level of our Selves and of Nature, being sound itself the primordial energy of Creation.

“Healing Voice” is an exploration of this powerful energy in a way that goes beyond language and any concept of aesthetic; no particular background or singing skill are required to join this journey into the wonderful musical instrument that the human body is.

Our voice is directly connected with who we are, shaped by who we are but also capable of shaping who we are.

Using our voice in a more conscious and aware way can have a positive effect on the way we experience ourselves as fully awake and responsible beings.

Sound can be understood as a wave carrier of mind’s intention, so, through concentration on sound, it is possible to gain awareness of the most subtle levels of communication and exchange between individuals.

The practice of using the voice as a healing tool is called “toning” and it increases the energy in our body, raises the frequencies of organs, releases negative thought forms, and balances our energy.

Sound can find its way through blockages created by stuck energies/emotions and restore the body’s natural field of resonance.

In this particular work I focus on the resonances of the chakras with different sounds, vowels and mantras to facilitate the exploration and perception of our own personal frequencies of vibration, as well as on the basic principles of harmonics, the hidden sounds in our voices that can enhance concentration and subtle hearing and that can affect the subtle bodies.

Each vowel has a specfic quality. In ancient sacred languages vowels were considered to be carriers of Spirit, bringing the breath of life into the consonants, thus creating the the real power that those languages were holding.

Breathing the Sounds into the spine and psychic centres (cakras) will bring light on our potentials as self-healers and conscious beings.

All these elements can then be put together into the ability to resonate one’s entire body in a “self-sound massage” with remarkable stimulating effects.

The following pictures have been processed through MCP technology that measures the light field around the human body:

 The first picture shows my own light field before a Healing Voice session.

According to the MCP reader my energetic state was not very balanced (I went to take the picture after having intentionally skipped several days of my regular yoga and meditation practice).


 The second, taken after 15 minutes of self-sound treatment, shows that energy field is in a much more lively and balanced condition.


The ancient science of the Sacred Sound is a path of re-connection with the uppermost level of the individual consciousness, travelling upstream on the waves of “ahat nad“, the manifested sound, to the very source of Creation.

The aim of this work is to develop a conscious use of one’s voice by providing knowledge and tools to experience the energetic healing and centering qualities inherent in one’s personal sound.

Constant and conscious commitment to such work can lead us to a purification of the relationship between thought, speech and action, creating a consistent flow of Presence and inner balance.

This work is suitable for all those who want to explore their voice in a deep conscious way; for those who use their voice in their work (singers, actors, speakers, presenters, teachers); for practitioners of any form of yoga; for those who want to experience the energy of Creation within the sound of their voice; for healers, therapists and musicians

Some of the benefits resulting from practicing the Healing Voice tools:

  • Stress reduction

  • Balancing of the physical energies

  • Deep relaxation

  • Increased mental stillness and clarity

  • Increased vitality

  • Extension of the vocal range

  • Increased ability of concentration

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