The Sound Of Golden Light

Here the vision is held for a conscious use of sound and music, following the call for an ethical approach to Art as a contribution to our re-connection with Nature; promoting an ecology of sound and music where Kindness and Mindfulness are the keys to a deeper connection with ourselves and each other.

The Sound of Golden Light is a project of devotion. Devotion to Art as a spiritual discipline, pursued mainly through music.

My life commitment is to be faithful to the treasures I have found in music; to maintain integrity as I keep searching for higher inspiration, as I refine my capacity to listen deeply.

My name is Simone Vitale and I am a visionary Music Maker and Sound Healer. Here you find information about my mindful work in this field.

The Alchemy of Sound and Music

In the myths of ancient traditions, music comes from a supernatural dimension, often gifted to mankind by supernatural beings. In many mystical schools, music and especially sound are seen as gateways to a higher dimension of consciousness.

Because of this and because of the magical role that music has had in my own life, I like to think of it as a sophisticated and powerful tool for the development of subtle, spiritual qualities essential to our existence.

Purity of intention, devotion to Mother Nature, the aspiration to bridge Heaven and Earth can be at the forefront of one’s desire to create music These aspirations will be instilled in the music very much like an alchemical process. Therefore, the state of mind and level of awareness of the artist determines the environmental value of the music. Of that we are responsible and in that lies the key to the birth of a new era of sacredness in the arts, that will then become nourishment (as it has always been) for further growth of our souls.

We seem to have forgotten our place in the Great Symphony of nature. In the natural world, every sound occurs in a coherent relationship with all the others. The research in the field of soundscape ecology suggests that every living creature has developed a way of communicating through sound that is designed to fit the acoustic environment in a way that resembles a sophisticated orchestration. In other words, there is a tendency to listen to the environment in order to step into the sonic landscape in a way that is appropriate and intelligent.

In ancient times the therapeutic quality of sound was well known. The vibration of sound has such a pivotal role in the ancient thought that its nature is likened to that of the universe itself. As a consequence, according to the ancient thought, the duty of whoever was in charge of practising this Sacred Art was to seek balance and purity within. This was necessary to be able to combine vibrations according to and in the resemblance of the universal laws.

If a civilizing hero is present in the mythology of any ancient people, he almost always practices the sacred art of music, being a bard or musician. In addition, in every mythology, music is revealed to mankind by supernatural beings. The word music itself is derived from the Greek word for Muse. The Muses were superhuman entities, daughters of Zeus, in charge of passing on to humans the purest form of the arts, inspiring intellects with the direct knowledge of the perfect cosmic dictates.

Whenever a description of the function, effect, quality or “magic” of music is attempted, one of the most recurrent definitions is that “music transmits emotions”. The performer’s ability to convey emotional nuances defines their level of skill. And conveying emotional nuances is really finding their way to the resonating areas in the emotional and psychic bodies of the listeners.

In essence, what composers, producers and performers do is to use their skills to interact with or even manipulate the emotional bodies of the listeners, aptly creating resonances with the emotional states that they choose to express. The degree of awareness, honesty and responsibility involved in this process is of course highly variable…

That is why I advocate for a conscious use of sound and music and an ethical approach to Art.

What People Are Saying

“So beautiful being immersed in your unique creative music which has opened and enhanced my own awareness and empathy with all Nature… confirming the wonderful miracles of our amazing planet and Universal Consciousness. Please continue to share this Golden Light, Love and Magic proving All Life is One ! Thank you, Simone, for these Blessings”


“Ooh this is magical. This is seriously the only channel that contains content strong enough to shut off my anxiety. My mind goes calm and quiet. It’s such a relief.”

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“I just mediated to this, and I must say I felt a warm love that I have never felt. Goosebumps all over heart pounding, flashes of lights. Thank you, I feel I have passed a wall. Will be listening to this for a while. Love & Light to you and all your loved ones.”

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“Your body is the ultimate Musical Instrument, Life is the Music!”

– Simone Vitale